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Staying healthy – prevention is better than cure

Good health is something many of us take for granted – until we run up against a problem. But by taking the steps necessary for a healthy lifestyle you can reduce your risk of getting a serious illness.

By making small changes to your lifestyle, you can remain healthy and reduce the risk of getting a serious illness.

  • If you smoke, plan to give up. Every year around 114,000 smokers die as a result of smoking related diseases, like lung cancer and heart trouble. Smoking reduces fertility, causes the menopause to start earlier in some women and increases the risk of osteoporosis. No-one says that giving up smoking is easy, but you can get professional help. Ask any of our practice nurses or GPs for advice.
  • Eat well and exercise regularly. Being overweight makes it more likely that you’ll develop a serious illness. If you are overweight, a mix of healthier eating and exercise should help get your body back into shape. Being underweight is also dangerous. Anorexia and bulimia are serious disorders needing medical help.
  • Go easy on alcohol. Too much can increase your chances of developing heart disease, liver damage and mouth and/or throat cancer. Men should not drink more than three units a day, women two. A unit is one 100ml glass of wine or 300ml of beer.

For more commonsense advice on staying healthy, talk to us at The Practice Group or visit one of the recommended sites below:

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