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Eye sight is important to everyone and often making little changes to your lifestyle or just simply knowing why you should do something can help you maintain healthy eyes and sight for the future.

I hope the following will help you, your friends, and family, to keep healthy eyes for years to come.

Your eyes are a muscle and so try not to strain them too much and take regular short breaks especially in areas where there is poor lighting.

The best way to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals is through a healthy and well balanced diet. Otherwise, you can always buy vitamins and minerals over the counter from chemists, supermarkets, and health food shops. However, which ones do you need for your eyes?

Antioxidant vitamins found in certain foods have been linked with eye health. They help to maintain healthy cells and tissues in the eye. Antioxidant vitamins are vitamin A, C and E.

Vitamin/ Mineral Why Good sources
Vitamin A Reduces the risk of cataracts, blindness, and corneal ulcers Carrots, sweet potatoes and liver
Vitamin C Reduces pressure in glaucoma, slows
age related degeneration and resistance to cataracts
Oranges, strawberries, rosehip and broccoli
Vitamin E Reduces risk of macular degeneration and cataracts Nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts
Lutein Generally good for eyes Spinach, kale, broccoli and collard greens



If it is a sunny day, make sure you wear sun glasses that are marked as UV resistant as they block out harmful ultraviolet or “UV” rays. Harmful UV rays can cause eye diseases such as cataracts or “snowblindness”.


When you were growing up, you may have been told to eat carrots because they will help you see in the dark! Is this true? Well sort of, it will not improve your vision in itself but the beta-carotene which turns into vitamin A will keep your eyes healthy.

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