Innovative big data analysis to unlock better care for patients showcased by The Practice Group at ConFed 2017

Allan Johnson, CEO of The Practice Group, discusses how harnessing technology can pave the way to improved patient pathways 


Innovative big data analysis technology and how it is driving The Practice Group’s strategy of improving better patient care will be spotlighted at the NHS ConFed 2017 event on 14-15 June in Liverpool. The new solution, presented by Allan Johnson, CEO of The Practice Group, enables the efficient consolidation, analysis and reporting of information to practices, providing them with ways to improve services to patients.


“Harnessing big data through real-time analytics will drive improvements in patient care. Our system integrates data from a diverse number of sources to provide powerful information to help surgery teams across the country to identify, implement and communicate with patients regarding potential new ways of working based on previous trends,” explains Johnson.


To date, each surgery receives a monthly report providing information on potential service improvements or new ways of interacting with patients. Examples of the results achieved include the finding that in surgeries across North West London, over 3,000 patients with a history of mental health illnesses have been identified and entered into a local scheme to provide them with additional support, all commissioned by the CCG.


Johnson continues: “At ConFed 2017, I will discuss how our data analytics solution can identify trends and issues occurring within individual surgeries’ locations so that they can take action on aspects of patient care where improvements are possible. I will also demonstrate, using live examples, how patient care has been implemented across a range of our surgeries.”


The NHS ConFed event 2017 is one of the largest exhibitions of health and care organisations, suppliers, supporters and partners. The event hosts more than 100 exhibitors selected to help health and social care leaders find solutions to issues including resource management, providing better care and cost reduction. The event will be held on 14-15 June 2017 in Liverpool at The Arena and Convention Centre (ACC).


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