Desmond, GP Clinical Lead (South London)

I joined The Practice Group as the pioneering Clinical Lead of its GP Led Health Centre in South London in March 2010. I have been privileged since joining to also take up lead roles with The Practice Group as the Regional Clinical Lead in 2011 and more recently Managing Partner.

I personally owe my depth of gratitude to all staff in the support centre, especially the Directors, Business Manager and Clinical Head – who believed in me as they encouraged my career progression and gave me the opportunity to develop myself in all aspects of primary care management.

Kirsty, Practice Manager (Nottingham)

Since becoming a Practice Manager in 2014 I have seen general practice evolve and been faced by many significant challenges. Throughout this time, I have received invaluable support and guidance from all the team within The Practice Group, including my business manager, HR and Governance Team. We have worked together to improve the ways of general practice and develop a new approach to patient care to meet the increasing demands placed upon us. I am excited to be a part of this innovative team and look forward to the future of the NHS thanks to The Practice Group.

Kathy, Information and Systems Analyst (Buckinghamshire)

I have been with The Practice Group for six months and I couldn’t be happier with my role as Systems Analyst within the company. After determining who does what and understanding the culture of the company, I saw that the team at the support centre had genuine passion and hard work ethics as I do…this was the place for me. I have received great support from everyone. I have worked with the NHS for 15 years in various roles, Data Quality Manager, Governance Lead, Practice Manager in a Partnership and this new role as Systems Analyst has exceeded my expectations, very enjoyable and ultimately very rewarding.

Ash, Booking Coordinator Team Leader (Buckinghamshire)

I have found my short time with The Practice Group extremely rewarding. I began working here as a temp just to earn some money but as an enthusiastic individual with a thirst for knowledge I found that my hard work is always recognised and rewarded and I now find myself running my own team, confident enough to take on the challenge of coming into healthcare and offering me a springboard of opportunities to build a career more than I could have ever imagined.

I now run my own team and interact daily with senior and founding members of the company, something I may not have been able to do somewhere else. I am lucky enough to have opportunities to make a difference to patients’ lives as well as taking on challenging ad hoc projects. If you are hardworking, determined and hungry for a challenge, The Practice Group is the place to be.

Beth, student Nurse (Doncaster)

Prior to starting my placement, I was apprehensive as I had never worked in primary care. I was unsure as to what to expect from a management placement in a GP surgery and I didn’t feel I would be able to achieve my learning objectives as easily as I would have in a hospital ward. Furthermore, I was unsure of the support that would be available to me and felt nervous to meet all of the staff.

Two weeks before I started I received my induction pack outlining what to expect from my placement and all other queries I had that needed to be answered. My mentor was very helpful over the phone and instantly made me feel more comfortable and at ease, which also made me feel eager to start my placement and complete my final placement as a student nurse.

I have now been on my placement for 7 out of 13 weeks and I feel I have experienced and learned a great deal in terms of primary care such as:

  • How a GP surgery works
  • Appointment systems
  • The roles of different healthcare professionals within primary care
  • Being involved in clinics and understanding the taking of history, observations, the importance of diagnosis, treatment, review, safety netting and the significance of red flags and differential diagnosis

I have also managed my own QOF, Keeping Well and NPHC clinics and felt supported throughout this.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my management placement at the surgery and would recommend it to other students. The staff have been so welcoming and I appreciate how comfortable they have made me feel here!

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