“An excellent and efficient service – first class – especially the attitude of the Doctor – inspiring confidence with his charm. Nothing but praise.”

Community Ophthalmology Service

First class NHS service

Hertfordshire Community Ophthalmology Service

All in all, very good

Shropshire Community Ophthalmology Service

Treatment extremely good. Positive experience.

West Berkshire Community Ophthalmology Service

Best customer service I’ve had from the NHS. Amazing. Thank you!

General Practice

Here at The Practice Group, we provide our GP surgeries with back office functions ranging from reception and administration to IT and booking.

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Primary Care Support

The primary support that The Practice Group offers ensures that patients feel cared for. Our team of social workers, mental health therapists and dieticians, to name a few, work to get patients into a healthy lifestyle through education and lifestyle changes.

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Eye Care

Keeping your eyes healthy and safe is important in ensuring the longevity of them. This is why across The Practice Group our team of experts are on hand to assist patients with all of their eye health requirements. Would you like to be a part of the team?

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Support Centre

At the heart of The Practice Group lies a support centre for clinicians, GPs and admin staff where all technical concerns can be addressed. Questions regarding IT services, database requirements and clinical procedures can be answered by our professional team, all the while enabling GP surgeries to run more smoothly.

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Skin is the body’s largest organ and so taking good care of it is necessary to ensure good health. At The Practice Group, our teams of qualified dermatologists assess and treat skin conditions, meeting all patient concerns and needs.

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Data Analytics

At The Practice Group, we have been involved in creating a system that is able to harness over 60 gigabytes of patient data containing tables of up to 40 million records, and transform it into consistent, user-friendly reporting that provides Practice Managers with key performance analysis. Would you like to be a part of the team?

To find out more about our data analytics services, call us on 01494 690999 to discuss further.

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