“An excellent and efficient service – first class – especially the attitude of the Doctor – inspiring confidence with his charm. Nothing but praise.”

Community Ophthalmology Service

First class NHS service

Hertfordshire Community Ophthalmology Service

All in all, very good

Shropshire Community Ophthalmology Service

Treatment extremely good. Positive experience.

West Berkshire Community Ophthalmology Service

Best customer service I’ve had from the NHS. Amazing. Thank you!

The Practice Group

The Practice Group was founded by two forward thinking GPs more than ten years ago.  The concept then was to take a new approach to delivering primary care on behalf of the NHS and this remains the case today.  By bringing specialist skills and tailor-made infrastructure to support local service delivery, we believe The Practice Group is leading a transformation in primary care services.  Through innovation and service redesign, we seek to provide the highest quality services to patients and best value to our NHS partners.  We believe passionately in the core principles of the NHS and have consistently invested in improving and differentiating our service offering.


We are proud to provide a continuously expanding range of NHS primary care services.  Our services are tailored to local requirements but with the backing of a wider team of clinical and management colleagues in support.  The Group has grown into other areas as a result of its success in running GP surgeries; we are particularly proud of our reputation for operating in challenging circumstances.

In addition to GP surgeries, the Group provides community-based services and is the largest provider of community ophthalmology to the NHS.  More recently, we have begun providing specialist home-based care to patients with significant healthcare needs.

All our services benefit from our central support team which provides specialist expertise and support to all of our patient-facing activities, freeing clinicians to focus on patients and enabling continuous improvement and innovation in what we do.


The Practice Group’s GP surgeries, walk-in centres and community services activities operate across the length and breadth of the country.  Our support centre is based in Buckinghamshire and our regional hubs include Essex, Leeds, London, Nottingham and Walsall.