Our values

It is The Practice Group’s vision to be recognised as the leading network of primary care provision and support services that, in partnership with the NHS, focuses on local teams improving health outcomes for patients by engaging with them in innovative and effective ways.

Our values are key to us achieving this vision and are embedded within everything that we do here at The Practice Group.

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Our patients come first

I am sure many healthcare companies have this as a value, it seems self-evident but I do think we mean it. Our patients, the “our” is important, are not customers or clients. The NHS is our customer and our customer is important but our patients are our patients and they are far more important than our customers. The NHS charges us with a duty of care for our patients not just now when they are in front of us but for the long term. Putting them first means engaging with them for the long term and consulting them on how we can deliver services in a way that makes most difference to them within the constraints, service and financial that our NHS places upon us. That means for me engaging with patient groups, listening and dealing with patient feedback and helping design our service around the patients long term needs.

Allan Johnson – CEO

We work together to achieve clear and common goals

Since becoming a Practice Manager in 2014, I have seen general practice evolve and face many significant challenges.  Throughout this time I have received invaluable support and guidance from all the team within The Practice Group, including my Business Manager, HR and Governance Team.  We have worked together to improve the ways of general practice and develop a new approach to patient care to meet the increasing demands placed upon us.   I am excited to be a part of this innovative team and look forward to the future of the NHS thanks to The Practice Group.

Kirstie Veasy – Surgeries Practice Manager

We have a dispersed organisation and our patient facing colleagues work with our patients all over the country. The reason we have a Support Centre not a Head Office is because we must exist to support our colleagues delivering care to our patients. To be at our most effective and deliver the best care we can and create the best value for the system we must be clear and united in what we are trying to achieve. Our values are part of that but that also means good organisational communications, effective and motivating appraisal systems and really solid and open feedback from all of our colleagues directly during visits but also through forums like our Clinical Board. Anyone in a management position in The Practice Group must be clear and honest with their colleagues and exhibit high levels of mutual respect and trust.

Allan Johnson – CEO

We take responsibility and deliver on our commitments

We have high expectations of our ourselves and a strong sense of accountability.  Through a culture of holding ourselves to the highest of standards we can have confidence that we will deliver in practice.  Where we encounter issues or failings, we take responsibility for the situation and seek to learn from it.

Roy Hastings – CFO

We work in a difficult environment, our patients, customers and colleagues count on us. I cannot think of a role in our organisation where colleagues are not required to take often great responsibility and be expected to deliver. We must never shirk from that responsibility or hide behind others decisions. Sometimes we will find ourselves making commitments on behalf of other colleagues to help a patient, and that is the right thing to do. I see the role of management to be supportive of that and to make sure that all of our colleagues are best prepared to take that on and to assist them when required.

Allan Johnson – CEO

We demonstrate a high level of integrity in everything we do

Our personal values are a central part of who we are – and who we want to be. I believe that values are the things that we believe are important in the way we live and work. By becoming more aware of these important factors in our lives, we can use them to guide us to make outstanding clinical outcomes and great patient experience.

As a regional lead nurse I feel my role is a facilitator for positive change, working with others to improve the care of our patients at all times. To encourage colleagues to provide the highest quality care and striving to provide a level of service that will exceed our patient’s expectations. Supporting staff as dynamic and needing change, demonstrating integrity and allowing them to adapt to evolving changes within health care.

I believe team work is a core component of my role, building relationships with the support centre, clinicians, staff and patients. Maintaining a positive attitude and treating colleagues with dignity and respect is also a key requirement.

Some of life’s decisions are really about determining what you value most. Identifying and understanding The Practice Group’s values is a strong guiding force to point us all in the right direction of offering exceptional patient care.

Karen Saville – Regional Lead Nurse

We have been delivering primary care on behalf of the NHS for over ten years and if we are to carry on beyond another ten then we must continue to be seen as a trusted partner. In my role this means more than being honest in our dealings with patients and partners but having a principled approach based upon our mission and our values. We should not bid for or engage in work if we do not believe we can deliver it better or as well as someone else and we should not bid or engage in work that we feel is detrimental to long term patient care. That is difficult and may sometimes mean difficult discussions with patient groups, NHS or our own corporate governance.

Allan Johnson – CEO

Integrity is an absolutely fundamental and non-negotiable principle for any healthcare business.  This is demonstrated through professionalism in the workplace and also through the general day-to-day human behaviours of our teams.

Roy Hastings – CFO

We achieve effective results for our NHS partners

We must deliver. We must work with our NHS colleagues to design programmes which are effective and we must be innovative and flexible enough to adapt our ways of working to meet changing circumstances in order to achieve effective results. Our ability to grow and continue to support our patients will always be dependent upon our ability to achieve real effective outcomes.

Allan Johnson – CEO

I believe that we can provide a compelling and superior proposition to our NHS partners in terms of first class service delivery coupled with greater efficiency in that service delivery.  This allows us to provide more for less.  Our flexibility and eagerness to constantly improve is also a great platform for service innovation.

Roy Hastings – CFO

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